10182:Cafe Corner Modular Buildings Blocks by 20th Mar.2023.
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10182:Cafe Corner Modular Buildings Blocks by 20th Mar.2023.

AB Packing Box:
Bag A contains instructions in all black
Box B has two 16X32 baseboards, which are well received, and basically solve the problem of baseboards.
There is no sub-package, so newcomers please note. (One of the large package burst, so the resulting box of corner missing pieces a little more, the editor to find the boss to fill the pieces, so you can only look at a missing pieces of the finished product)
Color subcontracting is used.
Assembling process:
Lego genuine gate is a one-piece, which comes with its own glass. Maybe Lego did not open the mold, it is a direct use of an ordinary gate to do.
The arch above the main door, which is made of hose, cannot be properly installed without ejection.
The door in front of the stairs and beside the column without any connection, vigorously open the door, the whole door brought out, poor comment.
Sign, is absolutely the soul of this set, especially beautiful!
Second floor, so many repetitions.
I prefer the model on the second floor.
Between the layers, only by the back of a little black brick to connect, can be said to be put up. I love the red line and the blue line inside.
Up to the 3rd floor. The outermost circle of the bottom plate of each floor is not supported, in order to fit. But then the hammer brings a test of skill, because when you vigorously hammer the outer ring, it may bend oh.
I love the model clock tower.
Completed works:
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