10281:Bonsai Tree Building Blocks By 14th Mar.2023.
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10281:Bonsai Tree Building Blocks By 14th Mar.2023.

Botanical Collection  Bonsai Tree 10281 Review:
Le-go Original Box:
The kit contains a total of 878 parts, but it doesn't look like there are many parts inside. It is divided into six numbered parts packs, and there are two coffee colored soft parts, which should be brand new.
The instructions are available in a separate plastic wrapper. Instructions are not thick, in fact, you can say very thin ~ ~ all the process of putting together will not exceed 1 1/2 hours. Really quite fast to finish the spelling.
Set contains a lot of new and scarce curry and dark curry parts, kill the meat really do not miss, on the set of white leaves on a lot of!

The pot part was not complicated and I put it together in about seven minutes. The planter's feet are rubber tires, very non-slip!
The main stem of the whole bonsai still has the feeling of "old roots", especially the interlacing of curry and dark curry colors, which has a good visual effect.
Soil parts in flower POTS!
The following part you can decide according to their own preferences to spell which part, I first spell the base.
The base part is also not complicated, I spent about 10 minutes, and then put the pot up! Here we go with the branches and leaves, and I started with the pink frog!
The supporting part of the branch is the claw that forms more C-clasps for the leaves to push into.
You can really put the frogs and other leaves on it any way you like. There won't be anything wrong.
The green branches and leaves:
Also, you can plug in the leaves without worrying about where they are. And then you move it and it works.
I ended up, appropriately, adding the pink part to the green, which is actually quite good, because the final size of the suit is not too big. Let's compare the Lego minifigures.
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