21137: Minecraft The Mountain Cave by 3th Jan,2023.
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21137: Minecraft The Mountain Cave by 3th Jan,2023.

Bringing the breathtaking, largest set to date:
The model consisting of hills, glide tunnels, lifts and other structures is already a brainstorm in the design phase, and players will feel what it means to be superior in detail from the set.
Sliding tunnel is the most intuitive type of play outside the use of space design, digging to simulate the real game scene, adding a realistic experience effect. Such as adding light-emitting tiles for the tunnel, after adding a stunt the effect is outstanding.
The lift fits the overall design of the cave more perfectly and makes the model appear more complete.
The hidden egg part is even more fascinating, will definitely let you play to your heart's content.
And simple traps are everywhere.

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