76396 & 76397: Divination Class and Defence Against the Dark Arts Class Blocks by 31th May.2023
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76396 & 76397: Divination Class and Defence Against the Dark Arts Class Blocks by 31th May.2023

The two sets were put together for review; the comparison shows how different these sets are. The artwork on the box does a good job of showing the different course content while revealing the new prints and parts included.
The design on the back provides a scene from the magic class lesson. The box for the defense class also shows a replacement man-child for Buddy Crouch Jr. and a mini-Moody in a box.
You can see the print and other accessories in each book below.
The first bag of parts for the two sets ends in very different ways. The defense class focuses on the folded classroom structure (with a shelf on the spine to store books) and a few pieces of furniture, while the divination class focuses on putting together furniture that will later be stacked in the space created by the fold. That owl light fixture and the diamond display are great scene elements in this set, as are the crystal ball table and the comfortable red chairs. Both sets quickly use large stickers, and it is indeed a little difficult to get them right.
The second bag of parts is to fill the scene with leftover buildings and furniture. Professor Trelawney's class was given folded curtains that would block the bottom of the model and make the decal images look more complete.
Moody's Classroom had many highlights during the second parts bag, completing the class set-up and creating a table and tall chalkboard. Most of the stickers were used on the front half of the pieced together middle structure, finishing the fireplace and display case.
Each book has parts that connect to the cover of another book, so you can put all six books in a circle to create a huge circular game set. After you've had your fun, you can remove the furniture from each book, fold up the scene elements, and put them into the closed book.
Putting these books and Minifigures on a shelf with your Harry Potter collection would make a great display, and of course you can always take them out and have a happy magic time with them.

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