E9958 Rivendell The Lord of the Rings 10316
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E9958 Rivendell The Lord of the Rings 10316

BELA E9958 Rivendell The Lord of the Rings (10316) on YOUMKO

The three major bags components should correspond to the three parts of the building, and the minifigures and some small parts are made into independent small bags.

The instructions are combined into one book, the original version is three books.

Perhaps because it is a first bersion, there are still many mistakes, and even dozens of pages are repeatedly printed (stapled up). Modifications are thoughtfully pinned to the corresponding page with a note. Should this be tolerated?

Start the first big bags. Divided into 15 steps, 1-3 bags per step, the number is quite small.

The first step is all here. Do not need to work hard to find parts, this is good.

The sticker.

The first 5 bag were finished.

In addition to the hands of this brick from a whole replacement into three pieces together, there are not any replacement yet.

The brick is hard, moderate tightness, press down will have a crisp "click" sound, kind of like this.

The flame shape is the same, the color is a little more red than the instructions.

Replace a piece with two pieces, no impact on the appearance

It finish all the displays that the original does not have.

The problem with the distribution that the missing pieces of bag 7 now be found in the bag 9, so this can not be rushed.

1/3 completed, and then in the bag 10 appeared the first redesign.

Due to the lack of parts circled out, the OP need to make some change. But frankly speaking, it does not seem to affect much, the perfectionist can order somewhere else yourself. 

As far as this part is concerned, the reduction rate can be 98%, what do you think?

Bag 15 finished, everythin's okay. There are three extra bags left.

At present, there are no problems except that the mushrooms will not glow at dark.

Another part completed. Fully restored. Only to find that there is another missing piece.

Bag 30 is finished, and the printed floor will update later. No redesign were found, and even the drawing errors in the original instruction were corrected here, but a few parts were suddenly missing. It is estimated that it will appear in the next steps, and the missing parts will be summarized after finishing.

Another redesign. The factory did not have this new brick in the same design as the original, so the gear brick was used instead.

This exquisite transparent brick, the picture on the E9958's instruction book here is exactly the same as the original instruction. In fact, it is just an ordinary transparent round bottle cap brick in this set.

Weapon comparison.

The brown light board used to paste the stickers was replaced by the gray, but there were 2 more small brown light boards.

Here, 4 old parts are used to form a new brick, which looks better.

The last redesign appeared.
Replace the original eight-pointed star with something more similar to a four-pointed star.
It's up to you to decide whether you can accept it or not.



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