10280: Flower Bouquet
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By MOCOZONE | 09 November 2022 | 0 Comments

10280: Flower Bouquet

LEGO has changed its strategy for adult sets, introducing a new series of sets with non-traditional themes that are more suitable for the decorative placement needs of adults. Check out the 10280 LEGO bouquet today. As the name suggests, this model constructs a variety of flowers like real flowers, the purpose is to display (of course the vase to provide their own). Set includes 756 pieces of particles.

The LEGO Bouquet set is packaged in a large box with six bags of parts, divided into three puzzle steps, plus the puzzle instructions packaged separately in a bag. There are no stickers, and in fact this set does not need stickers to decorate.

Broadly speaking, you will get a patchwork of three roses, two goldfish plants, one lavender, one aster, two daisies and one poppy. The set also includes three unnamed leaves and two lush twigs to enrich our bouquet.

The instructions will instruct you to put together the bouquet once and let you go back and repeat the piecing if it is the same. For example, two daisies are the same, so 2x piecing in the manual, but three roses have different stems, one curved and one straight, so only the flower part is 3x piecing. Some flowers have simple stems made up of tech axes, while others have more complex stems connected by three tech axes.

Starting with the daisies, three daisies on each stem and a fourth daisy positioned on a branch, the daisies are the easiest of the six flowers to put together and are just stuck on an earthy green shaft.

Next came the roses. The roses are much more complex, each rose has eight large petals, and putting together all 24 of these petals is still a bit tedious. The roses are beautiful and can be recognized immediately.

Like the daisy, the poppy is a simple flower. The center of the buds are tightly pieced together in an assemblage, using small yellow grippers as stamens. The final shape of the four petals is a little too square, and I don't know if there is a better way to adjust it, but it's not as obvious when placed inside a bouquet and surrounded by a group of flowers.

Next up was goldfish grass, and although the piecing was a bit tedious, the finished product was outstanding. The goldfish plant was the highlight of the bouquet. It sits high on the ground, its vibrant magenta color is the focal point of the bouquet, and the flower shape is a good reproduction of the real-life goldfish plant.

The process of putting together the lavender is the most boring, but the effect is lovely.

Finally, there is the aster. Aster is a complex and delicate flower that, like lavender, is not glamorous to put together, but ultimately fascinating in its success.

These dense twigs may represent a real plant, but I'm not sure, so I'll leave the answer to you experts. In any case, it serves the same purpose here as it does for the flowers - to add visual and quantitative balance to the bouquet, and they are very simple, but very nice.

10280 LEGO Bouquet is one of the few sets that can't be displayed alone. You also need to prepare a vase, whether it's a common vase or you can put one together yourself. These flowers are great as decorative items. Youmko now has 10280 Flower Bouquet compatible set. Follow to get special 5% discount and more suprise is waitng for you.


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