Review: 76209 Thor's Hammer
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Review: 76209 Thor's Hammer

This is the inscription on Mjölnir, the powerful weapon of Thor from Norse mythology. Thor took this weapon through almost all of the major battles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and was eventually destroyed in Thor 3: Twilight of the Gods. The LEGO Group will also bring it back early with the 76209 Thor's Hammer set. Check it out today. The set comes with a photo of an already put together Thor's Hammer model on top of the packaging, which is placed upside down on a stand and emits crackling electric sparks. There is a plastic encapsulated instruction booklet, and two unnumbered bags containing many mechanical sets of bricks and large parts.

There are no brand new parts or new colors in the set, but there are some parts that are not seen very often. The Tesseract, on the other hand, comes in the form of the My World Cube Manchild head, made of transparent blue. The end of the hammer's handle also includes a Vidiyo handle strap, it is possible that Thor's hammer is currently the only set for sale with this accessory.

The piecing was divided into five parts, starting with putting together nine identical brick and bracket structures, which were then butted together. The structure is further strengthened by securing a series of long mechanical sets of bricks on all four sides while the studs face in all directions.

Number 2 parts bag main hammer handle, cylindrical handle shape will also build a rectangular frame on which the head of the hammer will be built.

Got the complete hammer handle and the rectangular frame on top.

The body of the hammer is fleshed out by adding thickness on the sides. A frame of bricks and plates with ramp elements and light panels on top to build the central section.

It will also let you build a small Odin treasure room with 3 small scale models: Infinity Gauntlet, Tesseract, and Odin's Fire. The box and promotional images say that this display can be placed inside the hammer. 

Piecing the remaining part of the hammer body. The main focus was to create two identical symmetrical ends of the hammer.

These sections were attached on top of the existing frame and then secured with more light panels. The final step is to fold the handle onto the round panel, secure it to the bottom of the hammer handle, and the artifact is complete.

Display stand for Thor man-child and hammer. The base is very simple, with numerous dark gray panels and sloping elements. The turntable is cleverly placed against the head of the hammer so it can be placed at an angle.

Once upright, Thor's hammer takes on a pose like it did when it made its debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - when it landed in the desert in the end egg of the Iron Man 2 movie.

The finished hammer is medium-sized and evenly proportioned, but it feels like it's a bit larger than in the movie.

Thor man-child has a black body, its front and back have new prints, and silver arms.

Thor has a sly smile on one side and an expression of anger value bursting the tube with lightning spewing from his eyes. He also wears a cape and holds a standard man-child scale Thor's hammer.

The accessories on the board include the Infinity Gauntlet, Tesseract and Odin's Fire, but they don't really have much to do with Thor's Hammer itself. You need to remove the bricks in the middle of the hammer, the accessory plate can be clamped on these brackets, and the light panel can be mounted again to hide the treasure. But if you want to take the accessory plate out again, you'll have to remove more light panels.

Maybe the model will not make you feel too excited initially, with limited play features and a parts list that is not very dazzling. But once it's put together and laid out, the more you look at it, the more you'll like it. Then pick it up by hand and walk around the house is also a fun thing to do.

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